Saturday, October 26, 2013

I did a quick Halloween project for Lucy today! From my fave, Prudent Baby I found these no sew masks. Using the super nice felt i had ordered last year (sigh) i was able to make some hilarious masks. Using the template i was able to get them done is a couple hours!

Modifications:  I decided to sew them because it seemed easier than gluing!.I also added rivets for attaching the elastic.

I hope she loves them.


  1. Great job! What a lucky little lady! I know what of Sophia's favorite thing is to play dress up. I can only imagine the stories Lucy will come up with when she wears those masks!

  2. Nick- rachel said that lucy is subsequently pretending to be every animal that she wishes she had a mask for e.g. lions, tigers, bears (oh my!)

  3. I love those! Where did you get the rivets and elastic?

    1. Kathleen its from archivers- used my stamping riveter!

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