Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Finally - a sewing space!

I finally found the perfect way to have a sewing space of my own in my condo.  No more lugging the sewing machine, multiple bins, tools, rulers, and more out of the back of the closet to my gate leg table (which I also have to move from the hallway into the living room).  YAY!!!  Check out my nifty new sewing table (it's still in pieces but I'll post real photos when I get it together).  It's not fancy but it's exactly what I need with two little ones running around and no extra space:


  1. Niiiice! There is nothing better then having your own 'space'. Can't wait to see a picture of yours. Happy sewing!

  2. soooooooooo happy for you Anne! You are now a sewing machine!

  3. Anne - that is just dynamite! No wonder you're the queen of sewing lately - nice!

  4. Nice choice! Practical AND Stylish!



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