Saturday, October 12, 2013


After at least two months hiatus on sewing time my wonderful hubby took the kids off so I could sew.  While I haven't actually sewed yet, I did accomplish many things in prep for my many projects in the hopper:

  • Cut out the basic form and personalized superman lettering graphic for two superhero capes (awesome tutorial and pattern)
  • Cut out all the pieces for a doll for my daughter
  • Cut all the pieces for the Thomas the Train Engine quilt for my son
  • Cut out most of the pieces for the baby quilt for a cousin's baby before realizing I need some 3" Triangles on a Roll (which I had never heard of before)
  • Cut out all pieces for two bags for my mom and in-law
Phew and yay me!  Pausing for the moment for a well-deserved cupcake before maybe starting to pin things :)


  1. I think you have found the correct outlet - I can't believe all that you have started, finished accomplished! sew creative! hah

  2. I'm exhausted just reading this list! Go, Anne!

  3. Hi Anne! Thanks for the shout out for my super-cape tutorial. I hope it will/did turn out great! :)



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