Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Sudden HALT in Progress

It's BRIGHT and I love it!

Grand baby quilt that has yet to be completed

I finished the top of grand baby #3's quilt.

I was jamming along making my scrap Around the World quilt inspired by my fab sister, Michelle, thinking cool I'm almost done!  As I unplugged my cords for storage a CRACK and SNAP was heard! %&*# I thought.....and sure enough my machine just broke!  Sit....looking in disbelief...... The plug broke off inside the sewing machine....this i-s   n-o-t  g-o-o-d.

After I pulled myself together and texted my woes to my sister.  I ended up taking it to a 'local' person and he said, "Ummmm, can't help you, sorry."  After more searching and chatting with a local friend and sewer.  She recommended a store in Morganton, 45 min away who is a certified Viking dealer.  I packed up mom and Sophia and we headed off.

The repair man called:
"How were you able to sew?"
"It worked fine until I unplugged it."
"I have never seen anything like this in 27 years!"
"The transformer wasn't screwed in.  There was a Singer bobbin floating around in your machine.  HOW DID THAT GET THERE?"
"I don't know?"

He asked more questions about my machine and my replies were, "I don't know."  To say that he was a tad frustrated with my replies is an understatement.

The verdict:  Transformer needs to be replaced  Cost $400.00.  OK, repair, please.  Silently hoping that my 14 yr machine that has traveled the world and states with me will be fine after this repair and not nickel and dime me?  Otherwise I will be asking all you lovelies for your opinion on new machines!

LESSON LEARNED: ALWAYS take my machine to a certified repair man from now on.

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  1. I love the bright colors of your Trip! So sad about your machine - but, it will be back soon!!!



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