Thursday, August 15, 2013

We continue this program ....

Hello Everyone!  I'm desperately cramming the last of my sewing in since work begins next week!  Last weekend, I visited several farmer's markets and purchased a wonderful bouquet of sunflowers and dill.  Oh, the smell of dill - instantly transports me to the kitchen of my early years - lol!  Lots of pickling going on with Dolores then, there's just nothing like dill with hot pickle juice poured over it.  I know, it doesn't sound great, but the smell as the dill broke down, fabulous.

I'm totally obsessed with making a couch cushion for the vintage (outdoor) sofa I purchased last year at a flea market.  Unfortunately, I am unable to find a ready-made one that has the right dimensions.  So, after sharing the problem with the hubs, we decided to take a look at his grandmother's machine which I'm sad to say has been in our basement for quite some time.  The hubster decided that we just needed a belt so that has been ordered.  In looking at the machine, we determined that it is from 1910 based on the serial number!  So, it is his grandmother's machine but probably his great-grandmother's as well.

I've been slowly working on my 5 inch square snowball quilt (fabric by Moda, Cherry Christmas) and have made great progress. Sadly, I am now at a standstill because I ran out of the charcoal fabric.

I'd like to add at least two more row - four would be awesome I think.  I'm contemplating hand tie-ing with red or possible the robin's egg blue color..... thoughts?  What about the charcoal?  While the hand tie-ing sounds enticing, I probably will just get it quilted since it will take a lot of time.  Hmmm, football season is here, maybe not.  I also bought too much of the fabric - it was on clearance, you know.  So, I am also thinking of making another smaller version or .... I don't know.

That's it for today's show and tell.  How is your summer going?


  1. Great job as always! That IS a really old machine. I wonder how it sews? Make sure you tell us about that adventure!

  2. its a treasure even if you dont use it!

  3. No sewing as of yet; we got the new belt and C put it on, but we can't get the needle to work consistently. And, I don't think it will work to sew the cushion since there isn't enough room between the needle shank and the plate. I've put some possible cushion ideas on pinterest though!

  4. Beautiful paint job on the machine! We found a similar looking one in the corner of my m-i-l's bedroom.



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