Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I did over Holiday break -

The flu visited over the Holiday Break but that was no big deal! Instead of running around doing things, Jake and I snuggled down and hung out at home and for this mom and sewer, it was a delight. What, you may ask, did I sew?

Velvet Pumpkins from this pinterest link.

Sharing a few details: I had to use a very large mixing bowl as my pattern to get the shape I wanted. The pumpkins need to be stuffed (I used rice) as full as possible. Rather than copying the original photo, I opted to glue my stems on the outside which I liked much better.  I believe a visit is up for Vogue in Evanston to purchase more velvet - lol.

Next, I made some Sprocket pillows, free pattern here. I made two for my sewing room couch.  I love them.  Stuffed with regular polyfill.

The pillows were so much fun, I just had to do another for Carter - it matches the quilt I made him for Christmas!

I also made Anna Maria's pincushion, pattern here.  This was fun. Two things I would do differently - I would change the order of the fabrics I used - just two contrasting colors and I would use something heavy at the bottom for stabilization on my desk.  I stuffed it with a mixture of polyfill and lavender - heavenly.

I also made a mixture of fabric bags for gifts for next year both holiday fabrics and non-themed. No pictures of those, sorry.


  1. You WERE busy! I love all that you did! I am going to try those pillows soon and the pincushions are great for gifts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where did you get the gabba fabric? Kaylee would just die!



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