Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scrappy Trip

So, many of you have been quilting for years and have built up a superior set of scraps.  But for me, who really only began last year, deciding to make a scrappy quilt was a bit difficult.  I just didn't have the scrap heap necessary for my new obsession as sent by Ms. Michelle.  Luckily I discovered the grab bag at one of my fave online fabric stores - Fat Quarter Shop.  My husband had a hard time understanding my delighted squealing at receiving a package of 12 pounds of assorted fabric pieces (about 20-25 yards) - but I'm sure some of you will :)  So, if you're in a situation like me or just want 12 pounds of random fabrics, try this awesome grab bag option.  It helped me have enough different fabrics to start creating this:



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