Monday, June 4, 2012

Ruffles In Many Ways

I couldn't resist making my grand-daughter something and sending it in the mail.  I wanted something fast, easy and that wasn't too intimidating to me being a 'new' clothes sewer.  Upon looking around blogs I came across the idea of ruffles on onesies.  PERFECT!  I decided to jazz up them up in a variety of ways.  I loved how they all came out.


  1. These are entirely adorable! I love them - btw, did your sewing machine get fixed?

  2. These are darling- were they difficult to make???

  3. Holly~ NO! You can totally rock these out. Measure three times the width of the onesie, make a ruffle, then sew on. The secret is to use elastic thread in your bobbin. I can send you more detailed if you would like just let me know.



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