Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alabama Chanin

A new book arrived in Tech Processing yesterday which Holly so charmingly shared with me - you know Holly, sedate and quiet in her enthusiasm!   The book, Alabama Studio Style & Design by Natalie Chanin, is a dark chocolate for the eyes.  For those of you unfarmiliar with Natalie, she's the inspiration/creator of Alabama Chanin, an Alabama couture design studio whose mission is to share coutour with the masses. With clear directions and patterns, Natalie shares the inspiration and process of making many of the design studio's creations. Touted with skeptical and dismissive comments when first launched, Natalie has proven to the fashion industry that her concept could be delivered without damaging her company's bottom line.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the first book was the history of sewing in Alabama, a once rich textile manufacturing state.  The CLC Library owns each of the titles below although you may have to fight Holly for the newest.  Perhaps, we could take a look at one of the designs (I'm coveting the jersey knit t-shirt) for our group to make?)  I've never successfully sewn with knit and would love an opportunity to learn.

Have you tried any of the patterns?

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