Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally, a meeting!

We finally had a meeting! Go Us!  We missed some of you - so busy with summer schedules. We've decided to try a fall project - I've sent you all meeting requests for next week - so bring your ideas and we can choose. 

Here's some eye candy from yesterday:

Erika's capelet -

Holly made some adorable felted food for "you know who's birthday" - the sandwhich was my favorite -

Janet brought several projects - 

This one is hand pieced -

Michelle's still obsessed with her lemon fabric -

Jo wasn't at the meeting but stopped by the day before to show us an Anna Marie Horner pattern she's working on with some Kafe Fassett fabrics -

And, Holly, inspired by Alabama Chanin  (see previous post) -


  1. Have to clarify - my quilt with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics above is from his book, Country Garden Quilts. It is called Blooms, and the designer is Pauline Smith. It turned out lovely and is at the quilter now. I made it for Debbie, a friend of my son Daniel. She leaves for college on August 17. She is as bright and beautiful as the colors she selected for her fabrics! (I hope it's ready in time!)

  2. And Janet - Beautiful work to inspire us all!



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