Thursday, May 24, 2012

Texas Bag

One can never have enough bags!  Continuing the bag posting, here is my own - Texas messenger bag - pattern via Amy Butler. I wanted a bag that fit my ipad and conference materials not to mention miscellaneous cables for when I presented.  I like that this one also had the zipper for money, badge and cell phone. Not sure if I'm going to also carry my purse or just this bag ... hmmm.

I made several alterations to the pattern -

  • I only included one zipper. (There are actually an additional 2 that I did not include.)
  • The bag also had many more pockets.  I chose to keep the inside, pocket-less and just did the outer pocket, pictured on the right.
  • I used moda canvas - the polka dot.  The bag is sturdy without being too stiff.
  • I altered how I attached the strap - if I had kept the original pattern directions, the strap would have had to be much longer.
I'm not sure who Amy's model was - see link above, but she must be incredibly small. Please see my picture with the bag below.


  1. I LOVE the way it turned out! Now share the pattern with me! I agree- one can NEVER have too many bags! I think this would be the perfect Elk Horn bag!

  2. oh its so stylish and so michelle! cute pic miss fancy bag!



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