Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Paris bag!

Well the hipster bag is completed, and just in time! I can attest that the pattern directions are easy to follow! Pardon the pictures but i wanted to remember each step!! Its not perfect but after all, it is homemade!

In the process of making this bag I learned the following things:

1. You can never have enough needles on hand - I broke 3 making this project
2. Sewing through layers is challenging (see #1 above!)
3. Sew- in interfacing is amazingly strong 
4. Sewing is fun when you love the fabric and the project!
5. Sewing is amazingly fun when you have an excellent pattern and instructions! Notice there are 2 zippers, seriously,  I no longer fear them!

    Completed bag!

This is the inside pocket view, with a cell phone divider.

Front of the bag construction

Contrast fabric for the pocket interior.

I love the strap! Its very solid!

Bag outside prior to inserting lining

Bag side, very narrow and sleek!

The top zipper was the hardest part because you are working upside down and cannot quite see how it is going to turn out until you are done. Notice the zipper is not right side up.

This is the zipper completed from what will be the top of the bag.


  1. It is amazing! I bet you are pleased as punch!

  2. Please bring for Show and Tell next Friday!

  3. It IS awesome! Way to go! I hear you about conquering fears in sewing- zippers?! WOW!



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