Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finally, after a few months of mass hysterical construction projects, Chez Carter is back on track and I've returned to my sewing (sanctuary) room. On the agenda:  summer dresses for Sophia.  First up, I want to thank lovely Julie for the bias tape maker she gifted me.  What fun!  No, really!  It worked like a charm and was easy to use to boot. 

Here is the first batch of Sophia summer dresses all ready to be sent. I can't decide if I should wait or send them now.  Oh, the dilemma.


  1. So cute! How does the bias tape maker work?

  2. Just too cute michelle! you are such a good aunt!

  3. Jo, you make strips of bias, this was 1.5 inches and then you pull through the gadget and it folds. Then, you follow with the iron, viola!



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