Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lucy's soft book!

Thanks to many of you for your expert opinions and thoughts about the creation of Lucy's soft book! The idea for the book came from Sew liberated and was featured on Pozie get cozy  blog.

The book was actually very fun to make and like, Julie, I find embroidery to be relaxing! Thanks to Michelle's pinking shears I was able to get this project done in a couple days in time for Christmas! Next time I will begin my project sooner and try to enjoy each stitch a little bit more! Michelle also found a great source for felt (Purls) which will make each successive book a little easier to construct though i am finding that based on the Alabama stitch book, cotton t-shirts are fun to sew with as well! I used the same fabric that her bibs were made from so there is some continuity but mostly orange and green!!

Thoughts for next time - the patterns in the book were easy to use. The embroidery is done with a hoop on 12x12 sheets of fabric and then cut for the book. Had i read the directions all the way THROUGH (hah) uniformity of size would have been accomplished through placement of the pieces. As it was some of the animals were off - notice the cat's tail has the orange stitching running thought it .. ok yeah- good thing there is going to to another chance to perfect my skills in direction reading! I am also going to be more purposeful about shopping earlier for Good Will sweaters so i can make my own felting. I found just one $2.50 sweater from GW- but the felting was a lot easier to sew with and much stronger! Yup next time will be better!
Thanks for your support - you guys are awesome!
*Addendum- lucy didnt even notice the misplaced stitches or hard to read words from poor embroidery skills! hahhh! she just love it! hah!


  1. Oh, I can't stand it, the puppy is so cute! Look at you! OMG - you rock the sewing world, Lucy is one lucky baby! I also love the cover, how totally wonderful. Can't wait to see version 2 - Valentine's Day!

  2. soooo cute. congrats on getting it finished for christmas. i cant wait to start mine now :)

  3. Love it! It's super cute, Holly! You rock as a Grandma! And as a friend . . . .

  4. WOW! Way to go! I love it! Your one creative lady!



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