Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I finished Kaylee's quilt!!!

I finished Kaylee's quilt just in time for Christmas. The linen was fab to work with and it washed up really nice. It's still a little rough but I imagine it will soften over time. This was my first time using a walking foot, and I still had trouble with the binding, but I'm happy with the end result and definitely the speed with which it all came together.

and I made a matching pillow case this morning using this tutorial too

The pillowcase was super simple and definitely something you may want to try.
More pictures and details about both projects are on my blog here.
I also finally got around to posting some details about our crafty forest wedding too.


  1. I commented on your blog - I Love, Love, Love it!!

  2. This is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  3. The linen with the other fabrics - awesome! Kaylee is one lucky girl.



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