Thursday, December 16, 2010


Some of the quilt members and their respective daughter and mother, made the trek to Entwined in Grayslake last night to make boxwood trees. Good times were had by all!

Containers, spray painted festive gold, with foam, all ready for our creative attempts. (All supplies were included.)

Boxwood flooded the table! We were in close quarters but everyone was relaxed and cheery!

My mom's hands - I often look at my own and know how they will look in the years to come and, I like that. I love knowing that my hands also belong to my mom.

Isn't she adorable? Linda's daughter. She teaches middle school and has a wonderfully playful personality.

Mom and I.

Linda and her daughter.

The really cool thing? All of our trees looked different but were fantastic in their own little way. In January, Entwined is hosting a frozen wreath class.


  1. looks like you had a great time! sorry I missed it, sitter plans fell through. hopefully next time :)

  2. I know I asked this before, but what is a frozen wreath? On a related note, I made ice candle holders for my front walk. They will welcome our family in on Christmas night for dinner!

  3. Oh, yea, and LInda - your daughter is adorable.

  4. Jake and I made a frozen wreath last year - you take a ring jello mold, place water, small greens, and cranberries in it, then hang with a ribbon outside when its frightfully cold - they are quite lovely. I'm sure you can make one out of all sorts of things.



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