Monday, November 2, 2009


Ok after valuable input from fellow color aficionados i decided on the following:

1. i am not going to put a border on my quilt because the colors are off and nothing will match
2. i am going to use a sheet for the backing
3. i will add the batting that i got for 50% off at Jo Ann's
4. i will use a variety of fabric for the binding
5. i will tie the quilt together because i refuse to spend any more $ on this project... sigh....

i am feeling utterly dejected.........


  1. I tried leaving you a comment yesterday but it didn't work...
    I feel your pain. This experience has been a lot more challenging than I anticipated and significantly frustrating than I expected it to be too. Mistakes can be costly in time and money which adds to the stress. I probably would have given up on my quilt already if I didn't have this group to hold me accountable. I know I definitely don't want an unfinished quilt hanging over my head for eternity. It will be good to finally finish it. Try not to lose heart, we're here for you. I'm sure someone will love your quilt when it is finished, even if it's not you.

  2. someone does love your quilt; please don't be so hard on yourself. How long did it take to ride a bike? rollerskate? learn an instrument? quilting is the same way; I feel bad because I didn't see the problem with the blue/black. Argh! I think our next project will be something that lends an identifiable path of color or symmetry. What do you think?



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