Friday, August 3, 2012

Spring Quilt

This spring I finally finished the quilt I began last fall. The bias setting of the blocks resulted in 3 strips that were not quite identical in length, and I did not know how to proceed. I decided to cut the dark blue strips which were unpieced; this way I could join the pieced strips to pieces that I knew were all the same length. I then eased in the bias-set strips of blocks. It worked!

I thought this project would be so quick because of the border print used in 4 of the rows. However, the planning and decision making took oodles of time - where to cut the strips? which colors to highlight? what color to frame the sides? how much or how little to use and still have it come out to the desired size? On and on.

But, it was worth the hassle. I love the quilt, and I love how it looks on my back porch! Of course, the seat cushions on my furniture were hunter green and deep rose that matched the prior (worn out) quilt. So off I went to Loomcraft for some cheap red fabric to recover the cushions.

Voila and oo la la!

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  1. Love it! How nice you also have new cushion fabric now too ;-)



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