Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things I want to make!

I would be super annoyed way back when, in the days of my O magazine subscription, at the "Things i love" pages. I would simultaneously love them as well as hate them because most items fell into the price category of "well yeah, on oprah's salary I could purchase it, or entertain the thought to purchase!"

Enter my fondness for the blogosphere or what I am calling, "Things i want to make!" This week on  Thimble  I eye spied the freshest and coolest sewing machine cover. I love the off kilter pattern of the squares and am also considering purchasing the book, Fresh Quilting which contains the pattern. Thoughts my lovelies?

Also check out this cool new ezine, Kinfolk! Way cool... and i am trying not to consider this is my last week of unfettered crafting...

In the meantime, back to my scrumptious prosecco and burrata!


  1. Love the off-kilter squares! What colors are you thinking of?

  2. i am thinking of my greens... suggestions?



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