Monday, August 1, 2011

Patios and outdoor living

 Charles and I have spent a large part of summer trying to determine what kind of outdoor space we want for our house. In A-town i designed an awesome paver patio living space that we had built but the plan is not reproducible in IL for many reasons most of which deal with the lack of privacy in our back yard. While we wait for our trees to grow up as well as our neighbor's adolescents we ponder and think. Several ideas currently ruminating are a large back porch ala NOLA and a large tri-pointed awning to cover the deck in the thinking time ahead.

One of my fave bloggers is Prudent baby  because her ideas are super cute with awesome instructions and fairly easy for a beginner, ahem - me! Over the last month she has chronicled the coming together of her totally awesome outdoor space! This week she discusses how to make a pallet daybed which is just too cute and also how to make the tri-corner awning that we have been looking at purchasing! Not that i could do it but she makes a good case for creating what you want using your own brain and ingenuity! I really love that!


  1. Very fun! It is also funky, which your home is NOT. Your outdoor space should be as sleek and sophisticated as the indoor space, imho. Fun, but keep looking. Also, how does she keep all that dry when it rains?

  2. i wondered about the rain too, it does not seem realistic for IL! yes its very funky but i like to get inspiration from these crafty peeps and then i sleek it out for us! hah!

  3. I love that and how creative. I have been looking for those one of those old iron daybeds at Elkhorn Flea Market but yes, the one thing that stops me is the rain and fabric dilemma. What about oil cloth?

  4. It seems to me that overlooking the weather is a CA thing! I dont know where she lives though, come to think of it!



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