Monday, August 22, 2011

Dresses for the nieces -

I'm finally getting around to chatting about my recent "dress for Sophia" dilemmas. I ended up making both dresses in a size 6 and NOT paying attention to the actual measurements that were given as to what Sophia and Majka's measurements actually were.

The results: The Oliver S dress, easy peasy to make fit beautifully AND the other dress (mentioned here) after chatting with Julie, it "could" have happened that I cut-out the wrong bodice (I really can't say 100% that I cut out the right one.) sigh

Anyway, I have to tell you, I'm rather obsessed about this fabric - the lemon fabric (I purchased it at Joanne's in Round Lake.) I absolutely love it. Majka (far left) says the dress makes her feel happy. Sophia towards the right, had no such input.

I would absolutely recommend the Oliver S pattern!


  1. i love that the girls tell you the dresses make them feel! very special!

  2. I really loved the dress and just so you know Sophia says, "Momma, the lemon dress today!" Thank you again for making Sophia look beautiful! hugs



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