Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It seems as if this summer is all about deadlines:

  • work deadlines
  • house improvement deadlines
  • baby gift deadlines
And, with each deadline come numerous potholes -

  • software glitches and problem solving
  • Village board members who need to expand their thinking
  • knitting projects that fail and have to be ripped apart and started again
Along with the aforementioned listings, comes this little item:

I had a good time sewing it on Sunday, I love the little bugs and wording on the fabric. But, it looks a little big for Sophia, don't you think? I made a size 6, Sophia is currently a 5-6, sounded safe to me. But, when I measured the bodice - its 14 inches across! How can that be right? 28 inches in a full bodice for an almost 4 year old? Somethings not right in Denmark er, Spring Grove.

Mccalls pattern 6311. What will Auntie Shell do?

Sewing clothes has always been a frustrating process for me - the clothes never seem to fit right. I'm willing to accept that in grown-up versions but I have found that children's clothing is less frustrating, In this case, should I have followed the pattern per Sophia's measurements and made the size 4? That just didn't seem right to me. And, now that I did follow her "size" it seems too big.

What I am going to do is have Sophia try it on. I haven't sewed the bodice into place and I can cinch it in (side seam) if I need to. However, I want to make this for Sophia AND Majka - http://oliverands.com/patterns/dresses/patterns24.phtml (deadline: Saturday, July 23rd - ahem.)

In the case of the Oliver S pattern, Majka wears a size 5 as does Sophia. The problem is, I don't want them to wear the dresses for 5 minutes. So, I decided to make a size 6 based on the pattern. Looking at the pattern pieces there is less than 1/8 difference in widths between the sizes. The difference is in the bodice length, particularly the placement of the straps and buttons.

What I will do is - make the 6 for both girls, but wait to put the buttons in place until they try it on - buttons can be moved.

Time to go put the fabric in the dryer. With school closed today, I should be able to get it cut out... Updates to follow.

Update: The dress was too big for Sophia, much, much too big. Is it possible I cut out the wrong bodice per pattern? Maybe. What I did do was: insert pieces of elastic in the back part on either side of the zipper. This way, as Sophia grows, Nicki can adjust it. I also made the straps long and tucked them in side of the bodice for the same reason.


  1. dresses always seem big to me because we forget to account for the length shoulder to knee- it doesnt look that big to me!



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