Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a few last minute projects completed

I made a pillow case and laundry bag over the weekend. I didn’t use a pattern for either project – just winged it with the scrap fabric I had left from the crib skirt. I have found sitting for long stretches at the sewing machine to be among the growing list of things I can’t do anymore. Needless to say it took the better part of a Saturday to finish these two simple items up in between my frequent breaks. I also cut out all of the panels for the crib bumper – which was more challenging than I expected due to my obsessive need to line up the print on the fabric for each panel. I haven’t moved on to sewing it just yet, but I did order the foam inserts so that project is nearing an end.

More updates about the nursery and my 36 week ultrasound video are up on my blog at

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  1. julie the frog is sooo cute! you are very creative!



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