Saturday, April 24, 2010

A tale of two Saturdays...

Dear quilting friends,

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. As I recount my tale of two Saturdays, one happy and gleeful, and one sad and lamentable, remember friendly quilter, take heed!

For the last two days, husband-less and free of class work, I happily sewed. I added extra rows, ironed and seamed and finally created a totally fab back piece using left over fabric and a 400 count sheet. At 2:30 pm I telephoned our fearless leader, the quilting queen, and happily announced I was on my way to the quilt store. Amid happy thoughts and congratulations I drove through the streets of Grayslake.

Upon my arrival at the quilt store the woman at the counter said, "how can i help you?" Smiling largely I proudly announced, "I brought in my first quilt to be quilted." The ladies in the store congratulated me and said, "bring it to the table so we can look at it." They brought out two binders of design options and a thread book, detailing the differences between the craftsmanship of the two quilters that i could choose from. As they chattered I pulled out my quilt and suddenly the chatter stopped. "Oh," said one, "you have to take out the pins, they cannot work with those." "Oh," said the other, "you didnt leave 8" of pure and natural around the quilt for the rolls to grab onto." "Oh," said the first one again, "you can't use a sheet for the backing, this will not work."

I will not detail the rest of the ohs that followed (there were 8 more) but suffice it to say, i was devastated. After the barrage, one of the women said, "oh chin up- think how lovely it will be when it is completed! We will be so pleased to see it, the colors are wonderful! "

So in an effort to not immediately run out of the store, I browsed fabrics for a secret project, and returned to the counter of defeat. "Oh, I didn't know you were still here," said the first woman. "You will really be happy with your quilt when it is completed." So i purchased the binding for the quilt and my new secret stash of fancy fabrics!

Out the door, I ran to the car, whipped out my phone and called our queen leader. She was, of course very supportive, and came up with the perfect solution! I am going to hand quilt my quilt! All was not lost and in reality, much was gained! I cannot thank Michelle enough for her guidance and support in my time of need :-)

So, dear reader, thank you for following me through my tale of two Saturdays. If you must know, the poopy deets are available upon request. :-)

Thank you and good night!


  1. Sigh. What a roller coaster ride for today. What colors did you get for your quilting? I'm sorry I didn't foresee any of this.

  2. Michelle its not your problem! i tried to be funny about it! hah! i didn't get new fabric for a new quilt- still too many decisions but did get secret fabric for secret projects! hah!

  3. So sorry! I missed this posting when checking last week. :-( Will ask for further deets on Monday if you have time. Hand quilting is a radical reaction to this harumph type of service, IMHO. Are your sure? If you are, I bow to you, dear Lemonade Maker!

  4. I am loving the hand quilting... surprisingly its relaxing and very satisfying!



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