Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lessons Learned

Today was a lesson learning kind of day.

To date, the majority of discussions regarding finished quilts has focused on hand-quilting, hand tie-ing, and machine quilting.

Some of you are ready to have your quilts professionally quilted.

Here's a few pointers:

* the backing needs to be 4 inches extra on all sides
This is so the quilter can wrap the backing around the rollers on the quilting frame.

* don't pin the quilt; just trim threads, press nicely (both front and back) and provide the quilter with the quilt, backing, and batting

* don't forget to square the quilt up the best you can

* make sure the backing and batting is the correct size (see above about extra on the sides, top and bottom)

Here's a nice example of using odd pieces for your backing at Old Red Barn see the reverse side of her rainbow quilt.

Here's a nice overall summary of quilting, in general.

Machine quilting for dummies, very informative.

You might ask, what's wrong with the quilt above? To read from the quilter's perspective, visit flickr.

It appears that the store we've been using near our work says sheets are bad. I'm going to call them next week and find out what's up with that. I do disagree. More information soon.

Update 4/26: I just called the store we've been using - sheets are fine for the backing; the store owner suggested that the weave of the sheet (which is tighter than fabric) "may" break needles but otherwise 100% cotton sheets are fine; also, she suggested that the quilt "may" wear differently, quilting cotton lasting longer than the sheet.

Good Luck everyone!

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