Saturday, January 16, 2010

Went Shopping

I decided to try Quilters Heaven in Northbrook. It was an excellent shop! It's located at 1239 Shermer Rd. in Northbrook. Here is a link to their site: It was very close quarters in there, but that can be overlooked because the place is packed with fabrics. I had difficulty finding good light, which was kind of a problem. But the shop is well worth the trek and has lots of fun things to look at (and buy!).

I was totally right to ditch the solids and go with Batiks, and QH had 500 bolts of batiks alone! Here's a photo of the fabrics I bought today - the pattern called for 19, and I wound up with 16 or 17, so I just bought extra of a few faves. The second photo shows the fabrics with the poster from last year's Winter Classic hockey game at Wrigley Field which is Daniel's fave thing and the color inspiration for his room.

Are we still prewashing our fabrics? I'm thinking with the bleeding possibilities of batiks, I should probably prewash. Advice, please.


  1. love the batiks, Jo! a great decision!
    i didnt prewash my batiks in the first quilt...

  2. I would prewash because you have so many reds. One tip that I've learned recently is to add sizing or starch to the wash, so that its stiffer when you cut and sew.

  3. I love those fabrics! They are going to look great in your son's room. Here's my 2 cents - I would definitely wash them. It couldn't hurt, right? After I washed and dried, I ironed the material using spray starch. I think it helped with the cutting.
    Can't wait to see the finished product!



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