Monday, January 18, 2010


If you've just joined us, you may want to flip through the older posts for more tips.

Here's a few things I thought about yesterday that I wanted to share:

  • sometimes its easier to sew pieces together if you place the lighter fabric on top
  • if you're choosing to speed piece, meaning in strips, make sure you save enough fabric for the short and long pieces. Does that make sense? I've already run out of 2 colors because I didn't anticipate correctly. If you are following the original pattern link, you probably won't have an issue.
  • When you press, sometimes its easier if you finger press the seams towards the darker fabric, and then follow with the iron
  • sometimes its easier if you press from the front, and push the fabric away from the seam
  • if you're using white fabric, for a nicer final product, press towards the darker fabric


  1. Are you saying that we should cut the fabric all at once for the 5" and 9" pieces?

  2. Only if you want to. Its your choice. What I am saying that if you do it that way, then be careful to make sure you have the right amount of pieces. Does that make sense?



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