Saturday, November 21, 2015


I am doing my happy dance right now!  BEHOLD TWO Advent Calendars are completed!!  Ready to wrap and send out on Monday!  YIPPEE!  This Grandma made it!  Phew!  I was inspired by the pattern on line.  Made my templates similar to hers and off I went.  There were several times I had a 'What was I THINKING? TWO?' moments.  A conversation with my sister about how perhaps I won't make it this year...  OHHHH SUCK IT UP was discussed and that's what I did.  I was thinking about making the ornaments to go on the tree too but that would have put me way behind schedule not to mention I was done working with felt!  I ended up purchasing ornaments at a store for miniature trees and they work perfect-ly!  Another sigh!  These are out in the mail on Monday and I do hope that the grand babies will love them for years to come!

PS.  Felt likes to move around when being sewn on a machine....  That was my only complaint about this project.

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