Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A 6th Birthday party - with (of course) a Frozen Theme

At the request of some of you here are pics of the Frozen themed skating party held for Ella's 6th birthday party at the local community center.  I ended up with fourteen invited children and about 8 siblings, plus parents.  Since it was open skate and I had extra items, siblings were involved too.  Even Miles skated for the first time.  The goal was a fun party on a budget.

Party favors - fleece scarves with fringe I made from three yards of inexpensive blue polka dot fleece along with blue rock candy. 

Water bottle labels - with Frozen characters and saying "Happy Birthday Ella"

Frozen themed ice skates - Used white skates from Play it Again Sports that I painted with turquoise metallic paint

Cupcakes - cupcakes from a box mix (using an awesome extender recipe I have to make the number I needed) with two tone frosting, silver sprinkles, and frozen toppers.  I was pretty proud that I successfully accomplished the two-tone swirl.

Snowflake string cheese - we served granola bars and string cheese for snacks and to make them a bit more snazzy I took out my sharpies and made snowman.  One 10 year old sibling declared them "cool."

Birthday girl - although I bought the cute ice blue skater dress on sale at Macy's, I did purchase an Elsa and Anne applique to make it more "Frozen."  Miles just wanted to "look like daddy" in his tie shirt.

Tablescape - All laid out at the party.  I had some fabric left over from making Ella's Elsa costume for Halloween and purchased more of the blue on sale at Vogue ($2.99 a yard!).  The six was just a cheap wood one from Michael's that I painted, and the blue basket and sparkly sign were finds on the same Michael's run that were on deep clearance.

Frankly the most important part was that everyone had a blast - kids, siblings, and parents had a wonderful time.  I even got on skates for the first time in 17 or so years (for about five minutes!).

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