Friday, December 12, 2014

Merry, Merry

I've been working on my presents for the nieces and wanted to show this one - I made three different, each suited to the girl - hedgehogs (for cutie T), Miss Kitty (for hip S), and a Paris scene for M who wants to be an artist.  The pattern came from ??? who knows because I donated the book to the library. Eeeh gads

I will say that you can find tutorials for this colored pencil wrapper on all types of blogs - that's the best part you see.  I filled each with colored pencils even metallic ones. (I would have loved that as a child.)

On another note, I just discovered this - The Grainline Studio and The Fringe Association - drool city, people. Really!

Hope your holidays are merry indeed filled with craft and cheer!

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