Thursday, February 13, 2014

Minky Mayhem

With the fourth grand-daughter due to arrive at the end of February, I was looking for something warm and snuggly to make her.  I found it in a magazine.  A minky and flannel quilt.  It looked easy enough I bought the supplies and away I went.  Well, let me tell you sisters, I WILL not be sewing with this stuff EVER again.  It is labor intensive, think stabilizer on EVERY side you sew.  Think stretchy, slippery, cursing was involved.  (What bright ideas I have!) 

I was all to happy to piece this thing and send it to the quilter.  My daughter Sophia helped pick out the quilt pattern.  She did a great job.  I choose not to have any batting.  It made the quilt softer and more flexible for cuddling.  Apparently the quilter did not like dealing with my quilt either.  It was slippery and stretchy for him too.  None the less he did a great job!

I have learned my lesson.  But I can't deny that the outcome screams cuteness!  Live and learn.  Taking new adventures in sewing is something that I will continue to do :) 

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