Friday, January 10, 2014

Jack and Men's shirts

 Union Jack
 I've been working on this latest quilt for some time and with the help of Jen, finally got my act together.  What was the issue you might ask? Well, I first saw a quilt like this one in the Anthropologie catalog; needless to say, I wasn't going to order it. But, I thought I could MAKE it!  It was a rocky battle, but, it's done now. It was so fun to make. I tried to keep notes because -- wouldn't this be fabulous in all floral fabrics? funky?  The hubster says I'm an obsessive personality, this much is true.

The next picture is a close-up of the quilting; I was really stymied on how to do it but the quilter used oatmeal, and, I like how it pops the quilting.

This is my newest project using a 90 degree triangle using David Butler fabrics. (He's the spouse to Amy.)  Can you see how his fabric resembles men's shirting fabric? I love that.

Here, I've been playing with ways to lay out the triangles.  What you don't see is that I forgot, between each 3-triangle set, there is another piece.  That was good because from the layout, the quilt was turning out small.

I'm looking forward to sewing tomorrow, a prediction of a cloudy day AFTER I run to the fabric store since I ran out of the sashing fabric.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. WOW, no words for this it is SO COOL! SO cool! Congrats on perseverance. What is up with those Butlers- if they werent so cool i would have to hate them ;-)



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