Friday, December 13, 2013

baby it's cold outside

Hi to all my crafty friends back at CLC......I miss our adventures together. I haven't had time to work on  much beside trying to settle in to life in Green Bay. I imagine this is what living in another dimension must be like; everything is just different enough that I feel completely out of place, and it's really-freaking-cold. But, I digress...I am actually working on sewing something. It's simple and small and just my speed right now. Behold The Xmas Mouse:

I've had my eye on this project for quite some time. It's based on the mouse in Altoid box that has been floating around the Internet for a few years. I loved the idea but could never get past the Altoid part. Then I stumbled on a paper mache box house at Michael's and was instantly called to action.

So, I'm making two to give to Kaylee and her cousin Emily for Christmas. And, with any luck, I'll actually finish them up in time.
I'm also slowly finishing up Charlie's quilt, also with the hopes that it will be done in time for Christmas as well. Wish me luck!


  1. Darling- can you post the completed house too?

  2. It is so wonderful to see you here! That paper mache box is great and I love that cute, squeaky mouse. How did the girls like the gift?



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