Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Have Bag, Will Travel

Before our vacation to Disney World, I sewed a bag. It was my first one I ever made,  I cursed a lot. I'm not sure that I will ever make another one but this was did serve it's purpose and it was an awesome bag nonetheless.  It is an Amy Butler pattern that my sister shared with me.  The only adjustment that I made was making the straps longer so it was more like a messenger style.  I put in FOUR zippers a snap, and a liner in this sucker!  WOW!  I was ready to be done with the project about half way through.  I found the directions challenging at times.  I read ahead, pinned and then reread before I sewed.  There are some mistakes, but I can live with those!
This bag will continue its great service shopping at the flea markets this summer!  BTW Disney was FANTASTIC!  I am so going back some day!


  1. You know, I love those Amy Butler patterns, but sometimes my brain doesn't think like her. What did you think?

  2. I thought her pattern was difficult to follow. I had to reread each step a couple times, then pin it, and go to next step to see if I was on track. I won't be rushing out to buy a pattern from her anytime soon.



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