Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a few quick projects

After a long hiatus, I have been working on a few baby inspired projects....

I’m in the process of making a stuffed robot softie (a rip-off of this). I know I could have shelled out $30 bucks to buy it, but it was so simple I felt guilty not making one myself. Plus, I’ve got tons of fleece left from a failed pajama project that I need to use up and it was an excuse to use some of the fancy decorative stitches on my machine.

I also whipped up a few wonky star pillows from fleece and microfiber (inspired by these). I watched a few YouTube videos on creating a decent star shape without math, then drew out a pattern on newspaper in the approximate size I was looking for. It took me about an hour to cut and assemble both, with a bit longer the next night to sew up the opening I left for turning and stuffing. Kaylee has already claimed them as her own. She drags them around the house, takes them to bed with her, she even smuggled one in to daycare the other day. Looks like I’ll be making another set.

We’re going with a mod space/robot theme for the nursery and I bought four yards of fabric from Fabricworm  (it’s Birch Fabrics SPACE from the Circa 52 collection by Monaluna, organic cotton – swanky). Although, I’m not positive what exactly I’m going to do with it yet…a quilt, a crib skirt, a changing pad cover, curtains? Choices, choices…

more on the guest room/nursery makeover here

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