Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby Gift - OO LA LA!

Or should I say LA LA OO? This outfit is REVERSIBLE! The pink and gray sundress and hat change from polka dots to a great Eiffel Tower print. Straps cross in the back for a petal overlap that reveals the adorable bloomers (not reversible). The pattern is here:

The hat and dress were so fun to make! The bloomers - not so much. There's gotta be a better pattern than this. Oh, and the price of $15.25? Vogue is cheaper, n'est pas?

At any rate, what a cute outfit for a baby gift! Books were requested for the baby - this outfit will be paired with a copy of Madeline for the full French flair.


  1. What a fabulous gift! I made a dress like that for Sophia when she was small! Go you!

  2. This is super darling! Cant wait to make the one i have! You are my inspiration!

  3. Holly - if you make it, ask me the details on the bloomers. I can save you some tears and headaches.



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