Monday, January 9, 2012

Supporting local stores -

I really admire the "Buy Local" campaigns, I'm seeing more and more of them - buying local vegetables, yarns as well as holiday shopping. So why don't we share where we've shopped lately? Maybe, make it an inspired feature?

I'm sure you've all been to QuiltPlay in Grayslake (fabric store on Center Street.) Today, I went to drop off a quilt for quilting by the wonderfully talented Joni of ThreadPlay. While I was there, I looked for the new canvas fabric that Holly told me about -

It would make some lovely market bags.

I then did a quick hop over to Entwined, I bought the most lovely mussie tussie from them for a certain tutor that I know. Here is their current front window display - I want to make these hearts for my dining room window -

Will you share where you've been lately?

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