Saturday, December 24, 2011

finally finished emily's quilt

I finally finished up the quilt I started for my niece last spring. I have spent the better part of my vacation hovering over my machine...
Ready just in time for delivery tomorrow, whew!
I also made a doll bed set to match:


  1. Oh Julie, its just perfect! You are a great aunt! How darling the matching doll set is!

  2. Thanks! Although the quilt was pretty straight forward, I had a lot of trouble with it. I had to number all of the rows after it was cut in order to keep things straight and I still ended up swapping two squares and didn't notice until the top was already sewn - oops. Quilting took quite a while too, I ripped out lots of stitches in the beginning because I couldn't get the stitch tension right - but I live with a button pusher who kept turning on the basting function and switching the foot type every time I stepped away. I don't know enough about the machine, or sewing yet, to recognize the problem right away so that took lots of trial and error before I finally got it sorted out. Plus I did the bulk of the work over a long weekend which took most of the fun out of it. I was glad to be done, but I do wish I had more time to sit and admire it before wrapping it up.



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