Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Inspired by Michelle's Halloween quilt from last fall, I decided to throw together a little Lucy Halloween quilt. I scored some ultra sale fabric (seriously BRIGHT!) at JoAnn's way before anyone else had Halloween on the brain!

 In September I made her a trick or treat bag based on a pattern from my fave blogger, Cluck Cluck sew. I modified it to be smaller and did not include the applique but 'natch I forgot to take a picture. With time to spare  before the 31st, I dropped lil Lucy's quilt in the mail this morning and remembered just in time to take a picture! I machine quilted for the first time and buh, it turned out ok. Not great, but ok. As Michelle said, "lucy is not yet a critic!" hah! i love that! Thanks my ever faithful ego boosting sewing friend!


  1. LuLu now needs a Christamas and a snow/winter quilt too. She'll need a new quilt for every season, Grandma. It's a wonderful quilt - it makes me happy to look at it!

  2. yes, you are most correct on the fact that Lucy needs one for each season! hah i better get going!



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