Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buntings and pinwheels!

We are hosting my niece Abigail's graduation party in August. I wanted to make something special for her day and to serve as a decoration for the party. ModaBakeShop posted a cute bunting pattern that i modified.

I checked with my sister and the colors for her room before i headed out to the fabric store. Abigail is a bling girl and i wanted to make sure the pennant was "teen enough" so the embellishments took almost as long as the sewing! When I told michelle about my plan she referred me to Julie's efforts~! Her KL bunting is darling-dont miss it! I was super glad to see Julie's link to the teen buntings- they must be cool ;-)

take a look and let me know if you think the last i in the white background fabric is too "white." I am on the fence about whether to change it out!

I really like the pinwheel from ModaBakeshop but it did not stand up alone with just the interfacing... i had to hot glue it with cardboard inserts.



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