Thursday, May 19, 2011

My little cash purse

Last summer, Jo and I purchased these cute little bag sets with fabric already bundled and cut for the purse. Now, at year later i finally got to work! This was fairly painless, even for my first zipper! If anyone wants the pattern let me know and i will pdf it for you. The instructions are actually easy to understand, hah even for me, the dullard!

I would recommend not using a stripe pattern if you sew as crookedly as i do ! hah! :-0


  1. VERY cute! Was it super fiddly?

  2. it didnt seem fiddly to me but very straightforward - one caveat- it was my first zipper (!) and the fabric was cut crookedly on the stripes but i didnt get that until i had sewn the edges togeter and didnt want to start over. the pattern is easy to follow even for me...



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