Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh happy day!~

I would have plugged along with my Husquvarna/Viking 180 for probably the rest of my sewing life. My machine had other plans! For a couple of months the power cord had been acting up, sporadically cutting out and stopping. Last night while bobbin winding it was all over...kaput, sayanara, adios. My electrician husband to the rescue- um no, he could't fix it either.

So here is my new acquisition! A Viking 200 - the Scandinavian! Hah i love the name! I had great success with the owner of the store in Racine. I would recommend calling ahead and being very clear about which machine you have and what you want in the new one. When we got there he had the lowest model ready for me to look at. I had to ask what the next level was above it which I really liked- he was not pushy at all. Both the machines i looked at were store models, not privately owned. He was pretty up front about how much each had been on the floor. My model was on the floor for about 15 months. I thought that was an acceptable amount of time for the price he was asking and liked that it was a store model versus privately owned but that is a personal decision.

So tadah! Thanks to Jo, Michelle and Julie for their sage advice; it worked wonders to help me decide what i wanted from a machine and how much i wanted to spend! Thanks again my wonderful, KNOWLEDGEABLE quilting friends!

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  1. It looks right at home in its new spot. Can't wait to see the first project :)



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