Thursday, March 10, 2011

baby blocks for Kaylee

I got ambitious and ended up making a set of blocks for Kaylee with the left-over foam from Oliver's set. In this simple version, I just cut out 3.5 inch squares of fabric and sewed them together by machine (right-sides together) with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a gap large enough to turn right-side out and stuff the foam cube inside. I ended up using fabric glue to close the gap rather than hand stitching it shut (I’m terrible at blind stitching and don’t feel like taking the time to practice enough to get better right now). I used the left-over fabric from Kaylee’s quilt so they match everything else I have made for her. I also added a bits of plastic from an empty wipes refill pack to some of the blocks to give them a nice crinkle sound when you squish them. Every block is made up of minky, linen, and cotton fabrics for contrasting textures. I’ll be honest, the blocks were not fun to make and required a bit of wrestling to get them to turn out right. It took me about 2 weeks here and there to finish them up. Kaylee likes to shake and chew them and knock down the towers that we build. We like to throw them at her head (they’re soft, and it makes her giggle).


  1. I agree, they are fussy to make. I think your solutions are right on, and, now the K meister has them for more parent play time activities. Love the minky.

  2. i love that you got them done- i have 5 of 6 done for miss lucy! thanks for the inspiration!



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