Saturday, January 29, 2011

another finished one

Some of you might be getting tired of the "Yellow Brick Road" pattern, but it has now become my go-to pattern when I want to finish something quick. This is a quilt (throw size) that I made for my sister-in-law. Fun, fast, relaxing. Now back to Libby's blacknwhite quilt. Almost have the squares finished, then we will start putting it together. I am excited to try the zigzag one. The way it is put together is similar to the one I'm doing with Libby.


  1. Kathleen its beautiful! i love the color combo- very nice!

  2. Thanks, Holly! I will try to get a pic when it is at my S-I-L's house. She has a brown leather couch that I think it will look fabulous on. Actually, Dave saw it - and he's like : HEY! That would like good right here! LOL. STill have not made one for us!!!

  3. Time for a Van Vickle quilt that stays in your house!

  4. I'm not tired - bring it on! Just lovely!



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