Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kaylee's new quilt

I spent two nap times this weekend cutting out blocks for Kaylee’s new quilt. It’s called Color Brick and is part of a quilt-along here I still have to order the linen for the back and sashing but I’m excited to have gotten this far and I’m hoping I can make my xmas deadline.


  1. a bit of everything, some amy butler, michael miller, the flower print on top is from the fabric set that I bought in Paris :)

  2. the linen came in and the color turned out to match the rest of the fabric really well. I cut all my strips during nap time on Saturday. I'm hoping to get started on sewing this coming weekend. I still need to figure what what I'm going to use as batting. Something thinner than warm & natural...I was thinking maybe a flannel sheet?

  3. I like the flannel sheet idea, I've heard of that but have never tried it.



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