Saturday, November 20, 2010

First quilt basics finished - about six months late

So, thanks to a solid day of work (after months of inactivity) I squared, pinned, ironed, and sewed my fingers off today. My ambitious original plan (queen sized) was changed to a lap quilt as time began to tick by but I'm actually very happy with the result. Now I just need to figure out the next few steps.
A few questions for the experts:
  1. So - any recommendations on batting for a lap quilt? I almost had a breakdown when attempting to look at them online.
  2. Do you add a border and then a binding? Or when you bind does that give it a border?
  3. I'm planning on having this machine quilted. What do I need to do to get the quilt ready for that?

I'm sure I'll have more questions later :)


  1. Anne,

    How totally fabulous! Come talk to Holly and I when your ready - I like Warm and Natural or the equivalent at Joanne's and use a 40% off coupon. Also, what about the pretty gray/blue color for a small border 3 inches and the pale yellow or purple for the binding? Two seperate things and the backing, a bigger piece of fabric that can be rolled up on the quilting machine - ooh, we can talk anytime! Don't forget to take a picture of yourself with it - kudos you busy woman!

  2. This looks great! I always use Warm and Natural too. I like Michelle's suggestions for border and binding. Here's another idea: use one of the overal prints for the border (I particularly like the one with the yellow background) and bind in a solid. One thing to think about with a lap quilt is that the edging will be handled a lot, so you might want to choose something that won't show dirt. You sew the border on before quilting and bind afterward. The backing doesn't have to be spectacular, but you could incorporate a few squares if you have some left from the queen size plan. They can divide two pieces or more on the backing - a good way to use up fabric that didn't get incorporated into the piecing. Awesome job, Anne!

  3. i love this anne- congrats on a job welll done! very impressive! i would like the yellow as border but thats me! go with the pros opinions above ;-)



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