Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall happenings

I really wanted to get into the 9 patch with everyone, but alas, the baby took over my world and I haven't made much time for projects since she came along. The haze is lifting though, and I'm now feeling ready to tackle something again.

I've done a few small things for her bedroom recently including a lamp cozy (more info here),

and I put her name up on the wall (blogged here)...

I knew I wanted to make a new quilt for Kaylee in her bedroom colors since I made the first one before she existed and it's pretty gender neutral. It's also super heavy with the warm and natural batting so I'd like something a bit thinner. I was going to do the 9 patch but found a really cool pattern recently and I am in the process of getting all the materials. It's a quilt-a-long called color brick from the Stitched in Color blog.

It's a beginner's quilt and the "bricks" are large enough to show off the details of the left over Amy Butler fabric I have. I just need to add a few more complementary prints to the collection before I start. It uses linen as the grout and backing too - which I'm excited about. More info is available here. It might make a nice quilt for the group to do - plus the website does a great job of breaking down all the steps into a doable timeline. I'm hoping to have it ready by Christmas.

I'm also working on Wee Wonderful's Olive & Archie Make-A-Long Story. I'm hoping to have the full set done for Kaylee by Christmas, and if I have time, a second set for her cousin Emily. I'm going shopping this weekend to pick up some neutral color fabric for the dolls' skin. If anyone is interested in looking at the paterns, I have them as PDFs.

More Kaylee pictures and some other adventures are posted up at my blog at I'm looking forward to our fall update meeting. Hopefully I'll have my quilt started by then :)


  1. Julie, here's another example of your quilt
    I love how its put together! I'm looking at the directions...

  2. Okay, the sashing is 1 1/2 inches, totally do-able! I love how the rectangles pop - due to how she quilted around each one. I don't know much about sewing with linen, I wonder how soft it would be?

  3. I just looked at Olive and Archie - I just LOVE those wee wonderfuls!

  4. Okay, so I'm' finding this quilt everywhere, here's a different version:

  5. I'm excited about it, I cut out all of the rectangles last weekend and I'm about to order the linen. It's hard because I'm not sure about color online, but hopefully it will work out.



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