Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ashton Quilt Show

Yesterday I went to a quilt show in Ashton, Illinois (near Rochelle). It was put on by the local quilt guild and held at the home of a guild member as a donation-only event to benefit their local hospice. The rolling, pastoral property provided a lovely backdrop for the event. Quilts were displayed along the long driveway over fences and arranged in vignettes - draped over chairs, wheelbarrows, and other objects. This stroll led down a hill to a wooded spot where the largest group of quilts hung on clotheslines. Beautiful work! What struck me about them was how traditional they were - no Amy Butler, Moda or batiks here. (well . . . maybe a couple with a contemporary fabric/design here or there . . . ) My friends and I had a lovely afternoon strolling the property, chatting with guild members and being inspired by these lovely works of art. Enjoy!

These are just a preview! To view the full range of these beautiful quilts, click here:


  1. what a cool idea and the displays sound wonderful.

  2. wow love the picasa pictures- talent abounds- so glad i can participate in this historical endeavor with the help and guidance of you quilt leaders!



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