Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Ghastlies

I'm having difficulty deciding on what type of quilt I want to make this fall - sooooo far behind the rest of you. I had told Jo that I thought about doing an orange and pink combo, kind of a watercolor effect.

But, then I met "The Ghastlies" a line by Alexander Henry. I "don't" have a Halloween quilt.....

FashionableFabrics offers some of the line on etsy. There's a smok-ey color palette, some greens to choose from, but the ones I really like [cough] are the pink-ey toned ones. Here's more fun. Thoughts?

I also just found this quilt for inspiration. I've shown this fabric so much to my sister that I think she'll be joining us in our fall quilt-a-long.

Pondering September - Do you remember that we're going to have Mac do a workshop for us Friday night on September 17th? Along with the potluck, we could also do our fabric (scrap) swap as well. I thought I'd do a few raffles too. So, if you have any raffle possiblities, let me know. It can be sewing books, sewing gadgets, material, etc. I can't wait - it'll be so fun!


  1. This is super cute fabric! You could highlight it by alternating your nine patch squares with full size squares of this. Boo!

  2. What about this:

    I just ILL'd the book - eek!

  3. I like the hexagons. The way she has used them is what I was describing - block sized pieces of the feature fabric with the pieced blocks around it. But these fabrics all look the same - scale, value and pattern - except for the pumpkin print. I don't like that. There is nowhere for the eye to rest, and the feature fabric does not stand out, even tho it's in large blocks. It blends in/recedes because the surrounding blocks are not highlighting it in any complementary way. Just my take.

  4. My fabric order(s) are slowly coming in. I've got the feature fabric covered; I've also ordered some of the smaller prints - the pumpkins, bats, and the trees. But, in the mauve color! Gray feature fabric with pink and orange thrown in?

    {Sigh} We're never together..... we'll find a way. The fabric is even better, if possible, in person.

    I've got the book



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