Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fall Quilt

This fall we'll be working on a 9-patch quilt, your choice of size, color and design. The 9-patch block, 9 connecting squares offer an endless variety of design and color choices. Click here for previous posts on the 9-patch.

In the past, we've focused on larger rectangles and squares to make our quilts - choosing to work on the cutting and shapes. This time, our squares will be all the same size but it is the color - the fabric choice that will allow you to be more creative. The quilt above uses many colors as its starting point but it is the layout of the blocks that makes the impact. Click here for some flickr images. Here's our favored Crazy Mom Quilts input. Note that she places white sashing (strips) between her blocks for definition. Sew Mama Sew has some basic 9-patch inspiration here.

When you have time, you might want to get yourself some graph paper and plot out your quilt. Think about the color choices you'd like to make. Are you starting off with one or more inspiration fabrics? Or, do you want to stick to one color choice - green maybe? Take the time to do some google image searching to see how others have combined colors to make a statement out of this versatile and easy block.

Click here for a tutorial.

YARDAGE: For a basic baby sized quilt, two colors, click here for yardage. You're interested in the Colors A and B - but NOTE, that if you don't add the coordinating third square, you will need more yardage.

For a lap-size quilt about 66 x 90 = you'll need an assortment of 3.5 yards of fabric just for the squares NOT including sashing or borders or backing. Basically, you will need to decide on your color construction and then go from there.

NOTE: with this block, you can also change the size of the squares. What does this mean? Well, if you want to purchase all CHARM packs, go for it. You won't have any cutting and your fabrics will all go together easy-peasy like these.

For more inspiration, check out Posie Gets Cozy. And, for more tutorials, yardage, and a walk through check out Crazy Mom Quilts quilt-a-long. To see the entire tutorial, click on Quilt-a-long #5, on the lower right column.

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